According to statistics, global Internet users spend in social networks at least 2 hours a day.
3 steps to succeed in SMM
Of course, now it's difficult to find a user who does not visit their profiles on social media at least once a day (personally, we do it at least a dozen times!).

Major brands, celebrities, and bloggers have long won over the social media community, however, you still have the opportunity to attract attention and stand out from the endless stream of information.

In our checklist, we have determined 3 important rules for the successful conduct of social networks.
Set up the process of maintaining social media
Organize and make clear all the work of the department. The copywriter prepares the texts of the posts, the designer draws beautiful pictures and prepares the videos, the marketer plans to publish the posts and monitors the feedback. If you're still doing it all by yourself, it's time to hire freelancers! Good specialists will not only free up your time but also improve the quality of content on your social networks. Сlear organization of work will help you regularly lead communities in social networks without loss of quality and also help you monitor the effectiveness of your work in real-time.

Social Media Services: Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Agorapulse
Analyze the data, find new insights
How can you determine the value of social networks for your business? How involved are your users and which of them brings you a real profit? Internal analytics tools in social networks answer these questions only partially. Therefore, we recommend using services for complex and in-depth analysis of your social networks communities.

What's important to pay attention to when studying analytics:

  1. the most successful posts (at what time and day of the week the content is best perceived)
  2. competitors (how they lead their pages, their pros and cons)
  3. influencers (popular users in your area of interest who set trends)

Services for social media analytics: BuzzSumo, TapInfluence, Cyfe
Constantly engage and entertain users
You can't stop on social networks, posting content without receiving feedback. Such a path leads nowhere.

Hold online activities: contests, giveaways, polls, and quizzes on important and popular topics. The conditions for participation should be the most important actions to increase the popularity of your pages — like, comment, subscribe or join the community, posts on user pages with your tag. Create original and useful contests. Give something that will help you increase the number of customers — promotional codes, discounts, product samples, and much more.

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