A platform based on myQuiz has become the best part of the day for hundreds of participants
ALL over the world!
The Quarantine Quiz

Megan and Pete Quinn, professional quiz runners from Belfast, launched a 'Quarantine Quiz' for family and friends — but ended up as hosts of a super popular team entertainment and charity platform for people from everywhere around our planet.
"We will keep it going for as long as we can. It is really good fun and it is lovely to do. It is something regular and people can look forward to. It is also for a great cause, and I can't believe how much we have raised in a short period of time. It makes me feel really proud that people are enjoying it and donating money," Megan says.

Megan and Pete came up with an idea to cheer up people locked down in their homes two weeks ago. And if the first quiz had just several participants that they knew personally the last one had more than 650 competing teams with entries even from New Zealand!

The Quarantine quiz runs every day at 9 PM. It usually has 25 questions with multiple answers and a death round in case of a tie. In the end all the participants see in what place the finished. Megan and Pete put the questions on myquiz.org website and announce the quiz in Twitter @megsergio, several WhatsApp Groups and in Facebook. Join and become a member of this fast growing family.

It's fun, it's relieving and it's exciting. It's what all need these days to recall that we can be united even though we can't meet and stay optimistic!

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