myQuiz initiates a series of weekly e-Pub quizzes to challenge all international quiz enthusiasts!

First Weekly
my e-Pub Quiz
myQuiz initiates a series of weekly e-Pub quizzes. Each week we will determine our weekly champion. The series will end with the final competition between weekly champions who will compete for the 2020 World e-pub quiz champion.
Our first general knowledge quiz is scheduled for July, 16th, 19:00 GMT. Quiz entry opens 18:00 GMT. It will be hosted by one of the best quiz masters in the business Marc Jenner, who started hosting quizzes with 80 participants and now runs quiz events for thousands of players in the EU.
Still thinking if you should join?
Here are some tips that will make you say "yes"!
Fun questions that will make you rack your brains but not to the limit where it's not fun anymore :)
Free to enter and play from anywhere
Play against quizzers from all over the globe (the questions are in English)
All you need is a smartphone / PC with Internet
Nothing to download. myQuiz is a cloud-based platform (you just need to follow a link a start playing)
Would you like to get a myQuiz starter kit
to run your first branded trivia game?
Reach us out at, and we will be happy to help!