At Y-Games Fest, supported by VÚB BANKA
of Slovakia, the bank partnered with myQuiz
to host a Game of Thrones-themed quiz.
The Night King
plays myQuiz!
Does making sci-fi & anime fans passionate about a credit product at a gaming festival sound tricky? Not if you introduce your brand together with their favorite fantasy world, and let the audience do the thing they really like - gaming! Did we mention that the Night King should take part also?

To make VÚB General Credit Bank visible from the stage of Y-Games, one of the biggest game festivals in Slovakia, Triad Advertising chose myQuiz. They ran five branded Game of Thrones themed quizzes during the event.
Customize, engage, win millenials
The goal of this integration was to promote FEJM, VUB Bank's first credit product aimed at young adults (20-26). Fejm includes having your own credit card, using a mobile app, google pay, and - for sure - feeling more independent. They love to compete, they use their mobile devices frequently, and they absolutely distrust traditional media.
With its breathtaking professional gamer tournaments, streamers, cosplay show, and Vladimir "Night King" Furdik as a special guest, Y-Games 2019 became the most welcoming place for promoting FEJM via myQuiz. Every game screen was customized by myQuiz team before the event to provide intense & engaging experience. The branding was not only just visible, but displayed smoothly on most screens (from the stage's main screen to a mobile one).

The Fejm's promotion included facebook contests before the event, a chance to get the Night King's autograph without brawling in line, and five prize myQuiz games during the festival as a final chord. The Night King himself enjoyed the quiz together with the audience. Mobile gaming mechanics, fast and furious competition & the GoT themed questions became the best solution for a credit product to use.
Thank you, Triad Advertising, it was fun & pleasure!

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