4 great ways to elevate your Christmas party with quizzes

Christmas is a time for merriment, gifts and games. If you're planning to host a party, we've got just the way to make it extraordinary. That's quizzes.
The holiday season can be even more festive when you have an engaging activity for your Christmas parties. Use ready-made solutions or create personalized quizzes for your event.

With this in mind, MyQuiz has developed a Christmas Quiz that will turn your party into a real delight! Ready to start, it comprises 44 fascinating questions related to the Christmas holiday. Just the perfect way to add a bit of intellectual fun to your event and save your time
Here are 4 interesting ideas on how to use online quizzes and make the party outstanding:
  • Themed quizzes
    Create themed online quizzes related to Christmas, allowing participants to test their knowledge of holiday traditions, music, movies, and fairy-tales. Have participants guess Christmas songs, identify holiday dishes, or answer questions about holiday history.
  • Virtual contests
    Organize online quizzes in the form of virtual contests, such as "How well do you know your friends". Participants can answer questions about each other's preferences, funny Christmas-related stories, and traditional holiday customs. It's funny to find out how many details you didn't know about your friends before.
  • Quiz shows
    Host an interactive quiz show where participants can answer questions in real-time and compete for prizes. This could be both individual competition and team play, adding fun to the holiday atmosphere.
  • Quiz+Secret Santa
    Let all the participants answer questions about their hobbies, favorite songs, interesting facts from their biography and some little secrets. The results can help to create the best pairs for the gift exchange and match the perfect Santa with the gift recipient. The addition of a quiz brings an extra layer of excitement and mystery to the traditional Secret Santa game, making it even more enjoyable for all the participants.
We are confident that incorporating MyQuiz into your holiday celebrations will not only add a touch of intellectual fun but also streamline the planning process. Make your New Year's festivities run like clockwork by exploring our ready-made quizzes in the Marketplace.
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