How Arabian Radio Network
has used myQuiz to engage its audience and promote the sponsor

Arabian Radio Network (the leading broadcaster in UAE)
- Explore new ways of interacting with the ARN audience
- Engage the audience of City 1016 (UAE's #1 Bollywood Station) remotely
- Promote the sponsor (Zee 5 Indian on-demand video powerhouse)

Experimenting with new engagement solutions
Zee 5 was entering UAE's market and wanted to build credibility with the City 1016's audience. ARN digital team was challenged to come up with a solution that enabled 1-on-1 interaction with the audience and effective sponsor advertising without an in-person event. Movie trivia came up as one of the promising ideas to promote a video streaming service.
MyQuiz was one of the first tools to come up during research, and also part of the team tried it before personally. The other option that we considered was much harder to set up.
Aman Hundal
Digital Development Manager at ARN
Initially, ARN wanted to stream quizzes on Instagram but switched to Zoom because of its low latency live streaming.

Aman's team together with Zee 5 created a set of quizzes about famous Bollywood classics, highlighting some of the latest shows on Zee 5 along the way. MyQuiz has developed a unique City 1016 & Zee 5 branding theme.

The quiz was promoted on social media, ARN app, and on-air at City 1016. Hosting a series of 7 weekly quizzes allowed to maximize the reach of the campaign.
Despite running the quizzes on busy Mondays, ARN has exceeded the sponsor's target for live audience engagement by 50%.
Will you recommend myQuiz to others?
Yes. The platform is super easy to use. And quite simply, it works every single time. We've had no technical issues with MyQuiz since we started using it. The support team is great and quick to respond.
Aman Hundal
Digital Development Manager at ARN