This Thursday July 16, 2020, myQuiz initiated a series of weekly e-Pub quizzes. Thanks to everyone who played and congrats to the winners!
Our first e-Pub Quiz
Champions !
The first ever weekly my e-Pub Quiz ran this Friday. More than 350 players from across the globe participated and 700 viewers followed our Youtube live stream.

We tested the players on 50 fun facts and pieces of trivia. All questions were multiple-choice meaning that the participants could take a guess at even the trickiest questions.

The questions went back to back, with no breaks and just 10s per question to answer! There was a break of 20s between each question to give the players time to message our live feed.

Thanks to interesting questions, the excitement of playing the world and of course to our great host Marc the Quizmaster the first my E-pub quiz became an instant hit.
The quiz gathered players from 13 countries including United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Portugal, Nigeria, India, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Spain, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Kenya.
Can you imagine playing at 5:00 AM? Quizzers from Australia just ROCK:)
Heroes of the day
With an incredible score of 238 points the player with the nickname bula won and became our first Weekly Champion. Intense fight with other leaders went on until the last question which sounded like "Select THREE actors that have NEVER won an acting Oscar" and had four answering options: Jake Gyllenhaal, Willem Dafoe, Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp.

We also congratulate Mihai and Serial Quizzer that came in second and third place.
You did great guys! Come back next time for rematch and win!

Was it fun? Watch the recorded stream on our Youtube channel and see for yourself!
New Weekly e-Pub quizzes are coming soon!
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