DeKuyper organizes an online pub quiz
in the Netherlands
Jim Beam is
225 years old!
Jim Beam celebrated its 225 anniversary with an online Pub Quiz. The event was held by Jim Beam's Dutch Distributor DeKuyper.

myQuiz an Event Engagement Digital Platform developed by a US based company WaveAccess USA, was selected as a primary technology partner.

The quiz contained 53 questions on topics related to alcohol drinks and Rock music.
Prizes for Winners
High quality

1st place

Vanmoof e-bike
2d place

Black bastard BBQ
3d place

Oled TV
for special questions

  • 30 free at home cinema tickets
  • 15 coupons for food delivery service
  • 5 Jim Beam leather BBQ aprons
    The show was broadcasted live on myQuiz's Youtube channel and gathered nearly 1000 players and live stream viewers. To ensure that all the players would be of legal drinking age the access to the quiz was restricted to registered participants (the list of which was imported to the myQuiz platform).
    All the questions had multiple answers and there could be more than one correct answer which added to the excitement of the game. Bonus points were given based on the speed of answers so, players that answered faster were ranked higher. In the end the leaderboard with all the winners list was shown.

    The leaderboard was changing after each question showing the current leaders which keeps the excitement going to the very end of the game. This entertaining experience keeps players excited. Many would be looking to play future quizzes.
    Players could use their mobile devices or laptops to participate. No app to download - myQuiz is a cloud based platform. To connect to the quiz the players had three options:

    1. Follow the link published on the organizer's event page

    2. Go to and enter the quiz code

    3. Scan a QR code using your mobile device
    Since the whole event was streamed via live YouTube, it gave many viewers that were not playing, a good opportunity to follow the game on their TVs or devices.
    myQuiz platform was designed to allow full client's branding customization and integration as a white label solution. In addition myQuiz has multiple built in options for advertising integration in the body of the quiz. This means that players are able to see ads as they play the game.

    Brands and sponsors can track who has actually seen their ads and adjust their marketing efforts accordingly. The myQuiz platform also allows storing all the players data. Who played the quiz and how much each player scored for each question is captured and can be exported for future followup.
    Please inquire about myQuiz event packages to run your first branded trivia game. You can also schedule a demo and speak with a live representative.

    Contact us at, and we will be happy to help!