5k Beitosprinten 2019 visitors played myQuiz competing for Apple Watches and other prizes

entertained fans
at the Norway
ski championship

At the end of November, together with the jisp team, myQuiz became a Beitosprinten 2019 partner in conducting quizzes for visitors of the Norway ski championship. myQuiz was seamlessly integrated into the jisp ENGAGE solution, allowing the visitors to take part in the skiing event quizzes.
The Norwegian Ski Federation, organizers of the championship wanted to keep visitors entertained during slow periods of the race. Specifically giving the fans an interactive participation, ability to compete and be rewarded.

jisp as an event sponsor proposed a perfect solution for engaging fans with a series of quizzes in which one could participate using only their mobile phones, test their knowledge in skiing, win cool prizes like an Apple Watch and have fun.
jisp partnered with myQuiz to develop a jispENGAGE, a real-time interactive quiz for fans to play using their mobile devices. The real-time quizzes were also displayed on a huge screen so they were broadcasted to a massive area of the ski event. Everyone could see players that answered a question already and who won in the end.

During 3 days of the event 6 sport topics real-time quizzes were conducted. 5k players who competed for Apple Watches and other rewards such as free coffee and snacks.
All the quizzes had complete jispENGAGE branding with a link to jisp website (myQuiz was integrated seamlessly). Players contacts imported into jisp CRM.

Great experience for the visitors and a huge brand awareness increase for jisp!
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