Introducing prizes for first 3 winners and more...
Get ready for our Second
International my e-Pub Quiz
The e-Pub quiz is scheduled to run on: August 20th, 18:00 GMT. Entry opens at: 17:00 GMT.

It will be hosted by Marc Jenner, one of the best quizmasters in the business. Marc regularly hosts live weekly quizzes for EU and USA since 2010 and made our first quiz and instant hit.
Be a proud international quizzer!
Last time we had more than 350 players from 13 countries: UK, USA, New Zealand, Portugal, Nigeria, India, UAE, Ireland, Spain, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Kenya. Win for your country!
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In addition to prizes for top-3 players there will also be a $25 prize raffle between players who subscribe to myQuiz Facebook page, like and share a post about this event and come to play the game on the 20th of August. Invite your family and friends to have more chances to win!
What to expect?
We will test you on 50 fun facts and pieces of trivia as we search for our second e-Pub Quiz Champion! All questions are multiple-choice meaning that you can take a guess at even the trickiest questions.

Still thinking if you should come and join the fun? Here are some reasons that will make you say "yes"!
Fun questions that will make you rack your brains but not to the limit where it's not fun anymore :)
Free to enter and play from anywhere
Play against quizzers from all over the globe (the questions are in English)
All you need is a smartphone / PC with Internet
Nothing to download. myQuiz is a cloud-based platform (you just need to follow a link a start playing)
What was it like the first time?
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You can also join in the live YouTube chat feed.
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