8 Tips To Make Your Thanksgiving Trivia More Engaging

Is there a better time to engage everyone in the family with a fun quiz? Even if you can't invite everyone for a dinner at home, you can connect all of your family in a live quiz with myQuiz platform. There's so much to include in this quiz - Thanksgiving traditions, fun facts about each member of the family, family news, movies, foods, or just general facts!

In this article, we have gathered 8 tips that can make your Thanksgiving quiz more engaging.
1. Include Thanksgiving traditions questions
Include a couple of Thanksgiving traditions questions to have an easy start to a quiz and educate participants on the history of this family holiday.
"What is the most preferred beverage for a Thanksgiving dinner in the US?", "Which country celebrates Thanksgiving in September?"

2. Live stream
You can easily host an online quiz without video streaming, but it will be more engaging with it. As a host, you can comment on the questions, leaderboard positions and communicate with the participants in the chat.
We recommend using YouTube or Twitch streaming as free options with the lowest latency. You can embed your live stream into myQuiz or ask participants to open the stream on a second device.

3. Crowdsource questions / topics
Conduct a short survey before the quiz to find out which topics to include. It will be hard for participants to follow your quiz if they can't answer most of the questions.

4. Include personal questions
Get everyone to know each other better by sharing some of the lesser known facts about your family members in a quiz form.
"Who was a punk in their youth?", "Who was a promising athlete in high school?"
Questions like these will spark fun discussions after the quiz.

5. Include photo questions
Enhance your quiz storytelling by using images.
"Guess who is here?", "Where was this photo taken?"
These questions can help the family to recall some of the best shared moments.

6. Break a quiz into rounds
We strongly recommend splitting your quiz into multiple rounds if it is longer than 10-15 questions (30-45 mins). Breaks allow participants to discuss the questions, have a round of drinks, take a toilet break or chat with other players.

7. Fun prizes
While there is no need for expensive prizes to attract your family to participate, rewards add excitement and friendly competition to your quiz. The most popular prize ideas are thanksgiving quiz memorabilia, sweets, concert/sports tickets, and gift certificates.

8. Include polls
Not every question has to have a correct answer. While everyone is brought together during the quiz, you can poll your family about different issues. Where should you meet all together next time? What will the majority like to watch on Thanksgiving evening?

Don't miss a chance to host a fun quiz for your family this year.
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