Now you can embed a widget and have quizzes right on your website!

Put quizzes
on your website

Along with the neural network implementation on our platform we're happy to announce a great new feature. Now you can embed a trivia game on your web site using the myQuiz widget.

If you want your quiz players to compete right on your website just implement the widget and users can play quizzes without redirection to or having to register on our website. This way your site gets all the traffic and improves on-site user behavior, which is really good for your SEO!
How does it work?
The first step is to create a quiz as usual. Think of your own questions or choose an appropriate quiz from our Marketplace. Then we provide you with a script to embed on your website. You may need the help of your web developer to implement it in a suitable place in a way that doesn't prevent site visitors from viewing the main content.

Clicking the widget, users go to a new page of YOUR site, not to Now they can answer quiz questions right on your site. If a user already has an account on your website (say you host an ecommerce site), then they may use their login and password to play, no registration needed.
How you can use it?
The embedded quiz can become a way to convert your visitors into registered users: invite everyone to play, so that unregistered users will have to create an account. Here's an example of how it works. One of our clients is an Esports betting site. They involved their audience to play a free embedded quiz with a lot of prizes (CS:GO skins etc.). In order to join and win, users had to sign up and make a small $1 bet for any team. As a result, the website gained new registered members interested in cyber sports and betting.

By keeping your visitors on your site, they spend more time on your platform. If you are working hard on promoting your site and improving its SEO positions, you should know that search engines measure the amount of time spent on a site and the number of user interactions with the site. If these behavioral factors are good, you have a chance to rank higher on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Besides, by offering to play the quiz, you increase customer loyalty. Users appreciate when site owners and companies not only suggest purchasing something, but also seek to entertain their visitors. Moreover, the winners can receive gifts (e.g., a promo code for purchasing on the website).

Please note we can brand both the quiz and the widget according to your site's design along with add your logo and brand colors.

If you want to put myQuiz widget on your website write please to, and we will be happy to help!